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Museum of Modern Art Nuremberg "The Portrait in Contemporary Photography"
Kunsthalle Nürnberg is presenting 5 images from the "Artist as Young Mother" series in a big group show "The Portrait in Contemporary Photography" Oct 14th-Jan 15th…/ausstellungen/…/
The Cover of the "Nürnberger Museumszeitung" shows me doing the laundry (I mean, photography)


With Different Eyes - The Portrait in Contemporary Photography
Cooperation of the Museum of Modern Art, Bonn , and SK Cultural Foundation, Cologne, featuring
Diane Arbus, Ute Behrend, Katharina Bosse, Clegg & Guttmann, Jim Dine, DunjaEvers, Jan Paul Evers, Charles Fréger, Albrecht Fuchs, Bernhard Fuchs,Jitka Hanzlová, Pepa Hristova, Uschi Huber, Pieter Hugo, Jörg Paul Janka, Sabrina Jung
Dagmar Keller/Martin Wittwer, Annette Kelm, Erik Kessels, Dieter Kiessling, Hiroh Kikai, Jana Kölmel, Eckhard Korn, Joerg Lipskoch, Christian Mayer, Katharina Mayer, Christopher Muller, Francesco Neri, Mark Neville, Gabriele und Helmut Nothhelfer, Peter Piller, Barbara Probst, Timm Rautert, Daniela Risch, Judith Joy Ross, Thomas Ruff, August Sander, Michael Schmidt, Daniel Schumann,Oliver Sieber, Katja Stuke, Thomas Struth, Jerry L. Thompson, Wolfgang Tillmans,Mette Tronvoll, Albrecht Tübke, Christopher Williams,Tobias Zielony
Website with artist info, in German


Second Edition of "How we do both - Art and Motherhood"
How we do both - Art and Motherhod by Quiana Mestrich and Michi Jigarjian

Kunstmuseum Bonn: Mit anderen Augen
The Portrait in Contemporary Photography
Feb.25th - May 8th 2016
Cooperation SK Kulturstiftung Köln /Kunstmuseum Bonn

"Im Kunstmuseum Bonn liegt der Schwerpunkt der Ausstellung auf Aspekten zeitgenössischer Porträtfotografie in Deutschland. Damit knüpft das Haus an seinen Sammlungsschwerpunkt zur deutschen Kunst an. In der umfangreichen Ausstellung werden zentrale Positionen wie Katharina Bosse, Dunja Evers, Annette Kelm, Peter Piller, Timm Rautert, Thomas Ruff, Michael Schmidt, Thomas Struth, Wolfgang Tillmans, Christoper Williams, Tobias Zielony u.a.m. zu sehen sein."
Invitation PDF
Kunstmuseum Bonn

When Man Falls
Phillip Toledano and photographs from the collection of F.C. Gundlach
Deichtorhallen, Hamburg till Sept 6th 2015
Curator: Sabine Schnakenberg
Katalog DeichtorhallenKatalog Deichtorhallen

TV documentary feature "Bordello Architecture"
Here is a short documentary feature of a photo shoot in one of the brothels, as well as my work in the studio (in German)
see it here

Queensize - Female Artists from the Olbricht Collection
12/7/14-Summer 2015
group show with
Ellen Altfest, Helene Appel, Monika Baer, Tina Barney,
Vanessa Beecroft, Katharina Bosse, Louise Bourgeois, Rineke Dijkstra,
Nathalie Djuberg, Marlene Dumas, Sylvie Fleury, Katharina Fritsch,
Jitka Hanzlova, Helen van Meene, Dawn Mellor, Sukran Moral, Elisabeth
Peyton, Patricia Piccinini, Chloe Piene, Shannon Plumb, Bettina
Rheims, Daniela Rossell, Collier Schorr, Cindy Sherman, Laurie
Simmons, Tayrn Simon, Kiki Smith, Kisten Stoltmann, Anett Stuth,
Paloma Varga Weisz, Lynette Yiadom-Boakye
Me Collectors Room Berlin
See the Catalogue

Photography Master Retreat
a one-week, first of its kind professional workshop in the south of France to take place July 11-18, 2015. Check it out and pass it along.
By application,Dec 1,2014
Mentors: Elisabeth Biondi, Katharina Bosse, Martine Fougeron, Lyle Rexer

Artist Talk Thursday, Nov 6th, 7pm
at the "Bielefeld Photography School" group show
Alte Stadtbibliothek, Wilhelmstraße 3, 33602 Bielefeld

Group show at Galerie Anne Barrault, Paris
Si on n'a pas vu le bonheur dans l'image, on en verra le noir
Chris Marker
a proposal by Ramuntcho Matta with gallery Polaris
26 June - 6 September 2014

To celebrate the anniversary of Chris Marker, Ramuntcho Matta who was a close friend of his, proposes to make a connection between some of his contact sheets and the works of the artists of the gallery.
This exhibition, in collaboration with Gallery Polaris, presents a posthumous letter written by Ramuntcho Matta to Chris Marker as a memorandum.
with Chris Marker, Katharina Bosse, Alun Williams, David B., Louis Pons, Dominique Figarella, Jochen Gerner, Sarah Tritz, Guillaume Pinard, Yona Friedman et Jean-Baptiste Decavèle, Killoffer, Manuela Marques, Odires Mlaszho, Fred Jagueneau

Bielefeld Photography Exhibition
Retrospektive Group Show with former and current students and lecturers from Bielefeld, University of Applied Sciences. Sept 7th - Dec 7th 2014
download press article "Bielefelder"
Bielefelder Magazin

catalog "the space beyond" available
You can order the catalog through this website (German and international shipping available).
or, if you are in New York, go to St-Marks Booshop, ICP or Dashwood Books.

Places of Prostitution in Cicero Magazine Jan 2014
the political magazine from Berlin prints a 9-pages spread of Brothel Interiors and other Architecture related to Prostitution in Germany in its January issue.

Curating for The Camera Club of New York
The show "The space beyond", which I guest curate for the Camera Club of New York, features Nobert Eilers, Alexander Gehring, Andrea Grützner, Robert Schlotter and Paula Winkler. It runs from Jan 9th to Feb 15th 2014

Calendar of Museum's Collection
The 2014 Calendar of the German Historic Museum's Collection features a photograph of a South Beach guy working-out in June.

Hello, you can follow me on Twitter @KathaBosse

Destroyed Images Show
new work on view at this group show of contemporary artists:
Künstlerhaus Frappant, Hamburg
curated by Kristin Dittrich
runs till June 16th 2013
please email me for a PDF

Book is now available in the USA
"A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Mother" is now available in the US at Photo-Eye Books. Signed Edition, Text in Eglish, French and German.

Please check out Alison Zavos Blog for an interview:

The interview is quoted from the Book How we do both - Art and Motherhod by Quiana Mestrich and Michi Jigarjian

Book Review Video
You can watch Joerg Colbergs Review of "A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Mother" on Youtube

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